1000 Ideas by 100 Graphic Designers By Matteo Cossu

September 13, 2012

When looking for books on graphic design the book 1000 Ideas by 100 Graphic Designers By Matteo Cossu caught my eye because of its interesting approach in informing viewers on basic and not so basic graphic design ideas.  Essentially, this book allows the reader to understand design from the perspective of current graphic designers because it features short articles by numerous current graphic designers.  It covers the specific and serious aspects of the graphic design field along with the lightheartedness and sense of humor of each designer.

The top 10 Ideas are: 1. Trust Your Instincts   2. Keep It Real (Or Not)   3. Always Allow Time To Play   4. Surround Yourself With Talented Individuals   5. The Design Outcome Is Important But The Process Is Paramount   6. When You Are Stuck Always Go Back To The Brief   7.Work In An Environment That Inspires You   8. Surround Yourself With Plants   9. Invest In A Good Desk Chair   10. Play Lots and Lots and Lost of Ping-Pong


One Response to “1000 Ideas by 100 Graphic Designers By Matteo Cossu”

  1. kated3e Says:

    This book sounds like it would be really cool to read! Did you find it in Milne Library? Do you know if Matteo Cossu the author of any other Graphic Design books?

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