Graphic Design Solutions by Robin Landa

September 14, 2012


This book gave me an interesting view on Graphic Design, everyone should look into this book! The chapter I like the most is chapter 9. “The Purpose of Covers Design Considerations” I like this topic because I always catch myself choosing a magazine by the cover, it’s always been the most interesting part to me. They relate the cover of a magazine to a movie trailer, it should give a preview of what exactly is inside and not be different. This book is interesting because it shows the media aspect and how to sell as a graphic designer and produce products that can relate to people and be well understood. Chapter 11 is an interesting view on advertising, which is something we all see every single day. “Advertising matters. From public service to helping to drive the economy creative advertising is an important contemporary visual communication vehicle. Advertising is part of daily life and inseparable from American popular culture. In many countries, advertising is the one common experience that is shared by a large, diverse group of people. It’s the one pop culture vehicle we all came into contact with–from outdoor boards to banner ads to television commercials.” -page 256 Ch. 11


My favorite part about the book is that it’s set-up really clean and is so easy and interesting to read and has a lot of graphics to relate towards.


One Response to “Graphic Design Solutions by Robin Landa”

  1. Robin Landa Says:

    Thank you for the great review! I appreciate it.

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