Book: Logo Design Workshop

September 16, 2012

A page from Logo Design Workshop that details Morioka’s involvement in helping Nickelodeon to update their logo and identity system to incorporate the creative expansion that the company has gone through over the years.

Logo Design Workshop
Adam S Morioka

As the book’s subtitle reads, this book by Morioka is “a hands-on guide to creating logos.” The book makes good on its promise: there are a ‘ten rules’ of how to design logos, as well as a brief review of history and strategy. Then the book delves into how to develop a logo, focusing on the elements that compose a good logo: typography, color, image/iconography, shape, hierarchy/scale and static vs. changeability. A really useful part of this book is that it contains a series of case studies, allowing the reader to see a comprehensive variety of different logos and the company they represent. The book doesn’t just throw the reader at a gallery of logos, but really allows logo-designing hopefuls the opportunity to understand the process from the brainstorming stage to implementing the finished product. It also has a nice chapter on general info about identity systems that looks like a pretty useful introduction to the topic.

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