Gun Regulation Information Graphic

September 16, 2012

Who’s Arming the World?

This information graphic combined a strong visual message with eye-catching images and a easy-to-understand informational diagram.

This infographic belongs to a series of international gun-regulation themed information graphics that balance strong, eye-catching images that have a shock-value quality to them with strong visual information. The strong bold type makes the section titles pop and easy to read. The black-tan-yellow color palette suits the theme of war– the warm tan color feels solemn while still striking and really lifts the yellows in the poster while the black grounds the poster and directs attention to the gun-violence-war imagery. Something like a green color palette would seem to lively, and a blue color scheme might appear too cold and impassive; the warmth of the poster makes the viewer want to make the changes that the poster is hoping to convince its audience to push for. The information being presented is also very clear, easy to read and understand and manages to fit a fair amount of information in such a moderately-sized design. Overall, the message is easy to read, the design is compelling and the design choice helps pull the reader in and make them invested enough to give the entire poster the attention its message deserves.

Though a single designer is not explicitly credited anywhere I have been able to find, the poster and others are available at this link:

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