Stefan Sagmeister

September 16, 2012

An installation piece by Stefan Sagmeister: a wall made of bananas at varying levels of ripeness used to create a strong visual text-based image that would be in a constant state of change.

History of Graphic Design – Stefan Sagmeister

The intriguingly off-beat Stefan Sagmeister has amassed an impressive body of work over the 30+ years he has worked in the business of graphic design and typography. Not only does his work reflect his character; his unconventionality is evident in his business philosophy too. Personally, when I think of graphic design, my mind runs rampant with the technical jargon and formal elements covered in fundamental art classes. What I find compelling looking at Sagmeister’s work is how he has established his voice loud and clear in the world of graphic design by making the personal, ‘hand-made quality’ a core characteristic of his work. The design firm he runs in New York City – Sagmeister & Walsh Inc., despite the critical acclaim and notoriety he has garnered from his riveting posters to concept-driven CD covers, has been maintained as a small business so that each and every project undertaken is treated with the care and attentive eye that it deserves. And as a business principle, Sagmeister strives to only create for the ideas and people that interest him– a bold ethos to maintain in such a commercially-driven field. Sagmeister has a knack for crafting the design around the subject, while maintaining a tactful sense of humor and a careful social consciousness that gives his designs an edge just sharp enough to illicit a personal response with his audience without falling prey to being provocative solely to be provocative.

More information about Stefan Sagmeister can be found at these links:

And his personal website:


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