Paul Rand

September 18, 2012

Paul Rand is, to this day, a very well-known graphic designer.  Most specifically recognized for his creation of corporate logo designs during the 1950‘s and 60‘s, such as ABC, IBM, UPS and Westinghouse.  Rand was influenced at an early age by the advertising style found in Germany, which he attributes to many of his early creations.  Being the creative genius that he was, Rand took over the pages of Esquire’s fashion magazine at 23 years of age.  He was a big believer in the Modernist movement and portrayed them throughout his work as much as he could.  His mantra and constant idea behind many of his works was “defamiliarizing the ordinary,” which can be found in many of his designs.  From advertising to painting, Rand was a man of many talents and improved and challenged the design world during his time.

Check out some of his famous logos:!prettyPhoto%5Blogo%5D/2/

History of Graphic Design


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