Charles and Ray Eames

September 19, 2012


     Charles and Ray Eames are coined one of the most influential design teams of the century.  They worked in all areas of design.  They are must well known for their innovative construction of furniture and architecture, but also worked with film, photography, and graphic design as gateways into other projects.

During the war, the couple was contacted by the Navy to produce molded plywood splints, stretchers, and experimental glider shells because of their success designing furniture.  Their molded plywood chair was called “the chair of the century” by critic Esther McCoy.


The couple entered projects asking three questions that truly captivate the organizational culture of The Eames Office: Does it interest and intrigue us?  Can we make it better?  Will we have “serious fun” doing it?  If they answered yes, the project was started.

Both Charles and Ray Eames designed graphically, but their graphic designs led to a focus on showroom design.  They “just wanted to make the world a better place” by combining art, science, design and architecture with style and function.  Sleek, sophisticated, and simple are three always present elements of the “Eames look”.


Essential Eames: The Design of Knowledge Exhibition

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