David Carson

September 19, 2012

David Carson’s influence in Graphic Design has not gone unnoticed; although he may not be a household name his input in design has seen drastically everywhere; making him more of a household influence.  Rather than coming from a traditional design background Carson graduated with a Bachelor’s in Sociology, making him easily relate to people, the way people think, and the culture of people.  With that he ventured off into his hobby; (at the time) design.  By understanding culture and the way people perceive things Carson successfully made designs that were appealing, eye-catching, and instinctive to thinking.  Carson did so by making most of his work illegible making the viewer think and react to the design, sacrificing legibility for communication.  The most important contribution Carson has made to Graphic Design has been making the viewer immerse themselves in the composition, in doing so he makes everyone understand the message in a design.  To be frank that is the job of a Graphic Designer; to convey a message to their audience and Carson has done so to an extent making him one of the most influential designers to date.




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