Graphics for change

September 20, 2012

“childhood is not child’s play”                 ” Baby does not like smoke”
the posters are made by Alain Le Quernec , and Artist from France.

Alain Le Quernec was born in 1944, he studied art in Paris , he wanted to become an art teacher after his education. He became a professor in 1965.The student revolution in 1968 Paris inspired him with the power of political posters on street

.He quit his job of being a drawing professor in 1972 and started her career of being a graphic designer.

He made a cover for Graphics poster annual in 1979. In1987, he got his own  exhibition in Paris, which also gave him a chance to publish a catalog for his own art work.

I was impressed by “childhood is not child’s play” when I was reading some information about exhibition ” Graphic Imperative”,

the poster is simple ,  the artist used the negative space and a picture of baby to interpret the idea of ” protect the babies”. I am always overwhelm by those simple design which can bring out message so clear and so strong.

Since my cousin had just born a baby last month, I am still excited by the news of the new born baby, that’s why  I am trying to look at the art piece of Alain Le Quernec , to see if I  can find something about “baby”.

My eyes caught by the ” Baby doe not like smoke”, again, the design of the poster is very simple , it is not fancy , the dark background is matching with a baby , I believe the focal point of the poster is the baby holding a cigarette,

.After I saw this poster , the image of my baby niece holding a cigarette pop up to my mind , which makes me feel awful.

Both posters are talking about protection to child ( and baby), I think Alain Le Quernec  express it effectively  from his simple design.





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