Maira Kalman…not just an illustrator.

September 20, 2012

Yes, we should all praise Kalman for her many works as an illustrator including The Elements of Style (which I rediscovered that I actually own from an high school English class), Food Rules, The New Yorker, and many many more, but what is even more impressive is the all the other lesser known undertakings in her career as well as her private life. Kalman has written a wonderful series of children’s books about an adorable dog who just happens to be a poet. She also has put together a book on American democracy called “And the Pursuit of Happiness”. These are just a taste of the books she has authored. Kalman has also worked on a series of books that revealed the Tel Aviv borns’ true love for New York City. This collection includes “Next Stop Grand Central Station”, which is based on murals she did in the station. Kalman also owns her own company, M&Co, which sells a variety of inspiring, yet everyday, items. These include watches, desk clocks, wall clocks, coasters, paperweights, umbrellas, bags, and a line of cute doggie inspired rain gear and bags that she designed for Kate Spade. I loved this quote by her, “I was out walking the dear dog and saw 500 things that made me want to make art”. What’s even more impressive is that Kalman did all this while still being a loving wife to Tibor Kalman, who died of cancer in 1999. Image

Above we see Kalman and her dog Pete who inspired her book “What Pete Ate, From A-Z”.


This is an umbrella from the line that Kalman designed for Kate Spade.

Below are thinks to more information about Maira Kalman:

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