Milton Glaser : Blog post 3

September 20, 2012

Milton Glaser is one of the worlds most famous Graphic Designers as I mentioned in a previous post discussing his book “Graphic Design.” The reason why he is so predominant within the Graphic Design community and also within the popularity of his work is that he really discovered the key aspects to great design. One of my reflections based off of his work is that Milton Glaser is really a minimalist artist which may have been his secret to why he has become so succesful. Their is a lot of power in creating effective Graphic Design and Milton Glaser’s minimalistic style grabs your attention and you understand right away what message he is trying to get across. He is most famous for his world renown logo design “I Love New York.” Automatically the image goes into your head, you see someone walking around with it on their t-shirt. He has also used his minimalistic style in other pursuits such as the Brooklyn Brewery. Originally the beer company wanted to call themselves Brooklyn Eagle Beer. Milton Glaser was able to persuade them for the better to shorten the name to “Brooklyn” Beer. The word Brooklyn alone he felt was simple and powerful enough to grab your attention and that adding Eagle to the end would only dilute from the goal. The goal is to sell beer in the most effective way so for someone quickly glancing at the beer section in the super market, Brooklyn Eagle may be to much to mentally digest verses simply just “Brooklyn”. This is what Milton Glaser understands and who would not trust him?, his designs have proven to be effective. He resume is one of the most impressive, working with musicians such as Bob Dylan to creating logos for major universities. Milton Glaser is a legend in his own right and any one who is in Graphic Design or even the art world knows his name. The most powerful thing I can say is that most people in the world has seen his work. 

– Daniel Rojas



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