Tibor Kalman – ” Bad boy of Graphic “

September 21, 2012

Tibor Kalman ( July6,1949-May2,1999)

Kalman was born in Budapest , Hungary. He was an American Graphic Designer of Hungarian Origin, he was the founder of M&Co and he was also famous of being the editor-in-chief of Colors magazine. he is an innovative graphic designer , he helped change the way a generation of designers and his clients views of the world.

He was  the creative executive in Barnes and Nobles in his early career, his design of Barnes and Nobles book store shopping bag which was still being used until now. He set up his own company M&co in 1980, M&co got attention after Kalman designed a talking head album that featured 4 digitally manipulated photographs of the group members . Kalman closed his business in M&Co in 1993 and moved to Rome, worked as an editor of the magazine “color” , which is a magazine that focused on multiculturalism and global awareness. He came back and reopen M&Co when he found out he had cancer. In his period of battle with cancer , Kalman produced design exhibits, videos and books that had social relevance. He was dead in May2 , 1999 in Puerto Rico, he was only 49 .

Kalman was named as the “bad boy of graphic ” , he said ” i am interested in imperfection, quirkiness, insanity, unpredictability. That’s why we really pay attention to anyway. we don’t talk about the planes flying, we talk about the crashing”. He also urged designers to take more responsibility for their work’s impact on society & culture.

Although Mr,Kalman  is the ” Bad boy of Graphic “, he had a kind heart in concerning about the society , he knows the effectiveness of the communication between graphics and people, so he urged designers to take responsibility to what they
create. His style of design maybe “bad boy”, but the way of his thought and the meaning behind his designs are  concerns about the world and aims at raising people’s awareness.


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