I think that this is a well-designed graphic. It organizes information from the greatest amount to the smallest amount. It displays the difference in the amount of money spent to each part. It is showing that the military uses the most of the budget.



The simple infographic design below shows that the money going towards the military is actually not consuming most of the budget.






Illustrator tools

October 25, 2012

I have just discovered how to use the MESH tool and I wanted to share it because its such a great way to create a more dimensional object when your coloring it in. It creates a more realistic image that may serve your image much better then a flat color. excuse the obnoxious music in this tutorial video- I dont know why they couldnt just read out the directions- whatever, it super easy to follow along and learn.


Piano Forest

October 24, 2012

Designed by Jason Cho


I was immediately drawn to this logo because of it’s simple beauty. I love the way the trees are a symbol for the black keys you would find on a piano. However, what is really interesting is that the white space (negative space) becomes the white keys on a piano– it is a perfect logo solution for the name of the company. In fact, I could not even find if this was a real company or product, but I felt like it needed to be shared. It is a wonderful, elegant logo regardless!


FIFA World Cup 2014 logo

October 24, 2012

Official Emblem

The FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil logo uses the design technique of ambiguity of positive and negative space perfectly.  The main shape of the logo consists of 3 hands symbolizing unity but at a closer look they create a silhouette of the FIFA World Cup. The design was created by Africa a Brazilian Design firm.

Below I include a link to Africa’s Twitter and Facebook





I thought that the mark of the Design Collective is perfect for ambiguity of positive and negative space. Harry Pearce and his team at Pentagram have designed the identity for the John Lewis Design Collective. The mark is a reversed out ‘D’in a solid ‘C’.
As we can see upper, the marks also can used with reversed color black to white and white to black according to the color of the background. This marks applied to promotional material as well as being used in publications, point of sale and in store promotions.

More about John Lewis Design Collective;


October 23, 2012

Ive stumbled upon this great website that exhibits wonderfully designed websites. Its a great source of inspiration to future graphic designers and website builders but also a clear example to the “retro”/ minimalistic styles that are making a strong come back.

Here is the Link

and here is a quick illustrator tutorial on how to create a retro looking illustration on illustrator that I found, that is again a great look into all the things that illustrator has to offer to graphic artists- you dont even need to master the program to create something like this.


October 23, 2012

We had to choose a logo that uses the design technique of ambiguity of positive and negative space so I thought the FedEx logo would be a great example. The original FedEx logo was designed by Richard Runyon in 1973. FedEx is the abbreviation for Federal Express and was chosen to symbolize a national marketplace. Since FedEx expanded their company so much by offering advantages such as overnight shipments, it was time to make a change to the logo. In 1994, Lindon Leader created the next FedEx logo which included a “hidden design” within. The “hidden” design in this logo is an arrow pointing to the right that is created with the negative space between the “E” and “X.” Right there is a great example of negative space, very creative. At first you had to look hard to find it but today it’s something everyone relates FedEx to, symbolizing forward movement.
FedEx expanded so much that it now has several different operating units. Every one of these units has a slightly different logo just by changing the color, though “Fed” is kept the same in each (purple). As a whole, the infamous logo is often regarded as “the best creative design ever.”
Below are the various logos Fedex has:

original logo

different units