October 15, 2012

ImageThe identity system that I choose is Starbucks. The reason why I choose it is I like starbucks and also we can see and find this coffee shop very easily and this is located in worldwide. Actually at first when they opened the shop was for selling coffee ingredients, bulk tea and stuffs but, in 1982 Howard Schultz, business man, joined in the business and developed take out coffee, after that starbucks became popular all over the world.


In the book written by starbucks CEO Haward Schultz, he said that the name of starbucks came from the name Starbuck who is the first officer of ship Pequod which fishing whales. He reminisced that the name was familiar and mysterious to the promise for providing not only their service essence but also customers.
When we look at the logo of the Starbucks which is well acquainted with green color and woman with crown. In the logo there is Siren which is mermaid came out in the Greek mythology. She kills the sailors passing by tempting with beautiful and sweet singing. Like that they wanted people to lure and make them to visit Starbucks often.

Since 1971 the design of the Starbucks logo have been changed for few times. in 1987 the color of the logo have been changed brown to green and more simplified. Because of critic of the sultry breast of Siren. And in 1992 also, the Melusine mermaid which has two tails, the tails seems sexual allusion. In most recent 2011, the words Starbucks located around the Siren disappeared.


As the company is widespread to all over the world, even they designed mugcup with various cities like Seoul, Tokyo, New York, Florida, Amsterdam, London and else. I heard that there’s some people who collect these cups for souvenir of their travled places.


More information about Starbucks_


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