Volkswagen — Das Auto

October 15, 2012

I chose do represent the Volkswagen logo for this assignment because not only do I love my VW, but I also think that the logo has stood the test of time. It’s pretty clear what the logo is — simply a “V” on top of a “W” in white lettering on a blue circular background. Below is a picture of the changes it has made over history.

This logo was the result of an office competition between the engineers to come up with a logo to use. The winner was Franz Reimspiess who came up with the  design seen above on the far left side of the “Logo Evolution”.

What I really like about this logo is that it is easy identifiable, which is very important in choosing a logo, as well as that it is an over all very simple design. I believe its simplicity has allowed it to remain mostly unchanged because it has stayed relevant to whatever year it happens to be. It doesn’t have any “gimmicks” or flashiness, but I think this logo is charming just how it is.

 More information about Volkswagen can be found here 


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