October 16, 2012

Nickelodeon 2009.svg

My preferred Identity System was one that I grew up with and so did many people my age; Nickelodeon.  Even before the 90’s Nickelodeon was a channel for kids but it was not until 1984 when the President fired every staff member and rebranded the company. He hired Alan Goodman & Fred Seibert to brand the channel and in doing so they gave Nickelodeon an identity, which was something that it lacked before.  After this event the channel went from “worst to first” as the jokingly put it and advertised.

Nickelodeon 1981.png


Nickelodeon wordmark 1984-2009.png



Nickelodeon logo.svg


Nickelodeon 2009.svg


The reason I believe that this is a great Identity System is due to remaining recognizable even with change anywhere it is seen.  Many of the advertisements in the 90’s and 00’s  use the splat along with the white typeface.  Also the Nickelodeon logo maintains the same colors and similarities when it comes to the logo being used in movies or TV shows.  Nonetheless, it has remained a well known and powerful Identity System.

The Nick Logo Rule Book

Alan Goodman & Fred Seibert


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