Identity System

October 18, 2012

The identity system that I choose is Apple. I have always loved Apple products ever since I got the Macbook Pro and now I have the Iphone too. As they say, “once you go mac, you don’t go back!” Apple products are world-wide, it’s almost not common to see someone without one. The first Apple logo featured Isaac Newton sitting under an Apple tree and this design was created by Ron Wayne. However, this logo was not used for very long. In 1976 graphic designer Rob Janoff created the famous design which is an apple with a bite taken out of the side. He showed several different versions to Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. He liked the logo alot but wanted color added to it so that it would “humanize” the company. Janoff then came up with a rainbow color design that was used by Apple until 1998. Today, the company uses the same logo minus the rainbow. This logo is very modernized- simple, yet sharp looking. In my opinon, sometimes less is more.

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