Another type of Resume

November 21, 2012

When I was doing research for the self Promo projects , what in my mind was how can impress the people who read my resume? I don’t have an outstanding and experienced resume which can convince the company to give me a chance. So, I was thinking, if my resume is more interesting in outlook , which can impress the company even I am lack of experience. And I think this is a very interesting layout for a resume , which I was so impressed , the layout is clean and easy to read, it is kind of like an advertisement that I can read from the news paper, which is different from the others resume ( I believe), and it is very east to read , the font and the information is neat and clean , which make the reader comfortable. it is a good resources for me when I am designing my resume. Since resume is the first impression that I can make to my future employer ,  I think this kind of creative and interesting resume can represent my character in a visual way.


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