Online Promotion

November 29, 2012

This work is posted on the website called The Untapped Source (due to the websites protection settings I had to take a screen shot of “dude…heavy” a digital piece by Chris Butler).  I like the overall feeling of this website; the background is minimal, allowing the work to stand out and take center stage, but it still manages to have all of the information readily available.  Another aspect of the website I like is the categories the website divides the pieces into.  Unlike just a gallery of images, the viewer can pick New Art, Digital Art, Photography, or Traditional Art.  The thumbnails change with every site visit.  All you have to do is join the website to upload your works to sell.  Basic membership is free, but there is a limit of 30 pieces you can upload with limited tags for searches and a 3 gallery limit.  For $7.95 per month or $75.00 a year you can have unlimited artworks with priority placement in search results and other benefits.  The website does the printing and ships to the customer.  Their cost/ benefit example is

For example, a Canvas Print 20″x30″:

Retail Price (price print sells for):  $200
Base Price (printing cost): -$  68
Profit:  $132

So, in this scenario, the artist would make $132 profit for the sold print.

The link to the website is  Even if you do not want to join there are some very worthwhile pieces to view on this site!


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