Dan Rojas – Character Design – Assignment Number #10

December 4, 2012

Character Design is a type  of artwork I am most attracted to for a variety of reasons. It allows you to feel the emotions of your artwork in ways unlike any other. It allows you to develop a greater relationship with what you are creating because you are creating something that is personalized so their is a natural connection. Character Design for me is mostly is allocated to cartoon design of which when I do decide to create characters their is many things to consider. Number one is the style, I generally decide one to three different key shapes that I will use to keep the focus through out the character. This creates visually consistency and generally a more appealing character. Also how you draw the eyes, mouth, or any part of the body will affect how you or someone else feels about the character. So point edges may give of a different emotion then round edges on a character. Their is much more I can talk about of what goes into my own personal character design but that is all for now. Thank you.



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