Dan Rojas – Independent Post – Flash Animation Destined for Death Assignment # 9

December 4, 2012

Flash animation is type of animation made in a program called Adobe Flash previously owned by Macromedia. The program is often used to create websites, but with the growing popularity in mobile devices and many of which cannot support Flash many today are leaving it. With Flash being marked for death by many most people are figuring out new ways to get the same results Flash would produce. The only conflict with that is for many people who have used Flash have used it for non web development purposes. Their is a large market of people that have used Flash to create cartoons which have spread across the web for millions on millions to enjoy. So for people to neglect such a wonderful program is such a shame. But in light of this terrible news theirs is ofcourse other solutions for creators of flash cartoon content to still thrive and exist as Flash takes its last breaths in the economic world. You can easily export the flash file into a .mov quicktime file which can be used on mobile phones and such. So their is still light at the end of the tunnel for many Flash Cartoon Developers. Although the future looks bleek for new Flash programs to be produced but I dont think that will bother to many artists, it might actually create a sense of ease because now they will not have to annually update to a new program with a whole set of a new bells and whistles that will just confuse you. In short let Flash Animation live on even if it is viewed in .mov files.


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