Graphic Identities: Cartoon Network

December 9, 2012

Cartoon Network Logo

A highly successful system identity for a basic cable channel that was created in the early 90s belongs to Cartoon Network. The simple, black-white checkerboard with alternative colored type spelling out the channel’s name is a playful use of positive and negative layering that mirrors the extensive cartoon library that the network boasted when it debuted in 1992. The shaping of the letter forms used in this logo are dynamic and clear, and maintains a youthful bounce while not appearing juvenile as one might assume a cartoon-focused channel would be like. Also, the logo’s lack of color use is interesting and effective in providing the logo a sense of timelessness and relies on the aforementioned dynamic quality of the checkerboard pattern to provide the same kick that color would. Currently, the logo has been simplified to a side-by-side logo of the C and N letter forms, in line with the current preference for sleek and simplified logos.


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