Graphic Identity System: Coca-Cola

December 9, 2012


A Breakdown of the Development of the Coca-Cola Logo

Although this identity system has been covered previously, I also decided to post my own assessment of the Coca Cola identity system. The reason I was drawn to cover this particular identity is because it is perhaps the most iconic, clear example of how an effective identity system requires an holistic approach. The most recent Coke logo utilizes a sub-caption that reads ‘classic,’ and the manner in which the Coca Cola company has managed to establish itself as a fundamental part of American pop culture is astonishing and deserving of the description. The most identifiable aspect of the Coca Cola identity system is the iconic, stylish red that is instantly recognizable. Next, the unique style of the type of ‘Coca Cola’ which, due to the uncertain origins of the logo, actually lies beyond copyrighting, sets the classic yet hip style that Coke has maintained as an aspect of the company’s identity. But personally, the integration of Coke into American life, an example being the old polar bear commercials celebrating Christmas and the cute Christmas themed repackaging, exemplifies the tone in which Coca Cola has established itself to be a family friendly, current company that provides a fundamental product to it’s customers.


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