December 9, 2012

An interesting creative work viewing site that I came across recently is: http://www.hitrecord.org/

An example of a collaborative work can be viewed on youtube here:

This site goes beyond the other online portfolio sites like Deviant Art, behance, etc. because it is establishing a communal resource for artists, writers, musicians, etc. to draw inspiration from one another’s uploads (referred to on the site as records) and to collaborate and incorporate their own ideas (a process referred to as remixing). Artists will provide credit to the records they ‘remix,’ and I think this is a wonderful opportunity that most online portfolio websites often lack–with other portfolio sites, the primarily goal is to draw attention to your work and increase viewership. But with hitRECord, the emphasis is on collaboration and establishing connections with other creative workers– developing one’s contacts is perhaps the most important aspect to a successful career in art.

Another interesting facet to this site is that part of the user-terms agreement is that the company itself also owns non-exclusive rights to use the user-uploaded records to create works which may be used commercially, but in such a case, profits will be split 50-50 with the original artist.

Although not a portfolio in the traditional sense, I think the concept itself is interesting enough to warrant some consideration and perhaps even some experimenting!


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