Infographics for Change: Hollywood Casting Practices

December 9, 2012

For my last blog post, I decided to look a non-professional infographic I came across that approached a subject that connected with me. The artist, hollychan found on, titled the infographic Casting Practices in Hollywood, and deals with the ongoing issue of severely unbalanced racially guided casting choices in film and television. Use hollychan mentions this being her first foray into infographics which I think makes the infographic worth looking at as a graphic designer, to note the aspects that could be strengthened as well as delineate what is ‘working’ for the purpose of the infographic. Firstly, I think that when the infographic is viewed at full-size, the generally large format of the infographic, and in particular its extreme length, makes the infographic a bit difficult to navigate on a computer screen. Decreasing the size of the elements in the infographic and changing the orientation to go horizontally would be a better choice, in my opinion. Also, the intro text in the beginning is, relative to the rest of the infographic, much too small and leaves a lot of unused space. However, while initially i wasn’t fond of the slight off-tile cropping of the running film element, I think it fits with the unsettled tone of the infographic’s message, calling attention to the negative effects of such unbalanced racial casting. The infographic makes a strong use of hierarchical scaling of the elements, conveying the quantitative information and the relative power differences represented properly. I also appreciated that the silhouettes of the various races didn’t rely on any stereotypical clothing, mannerisms, etc. to convey the racial identities.

hollychan’s Deviantart


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