Self-Promotion Inspiration: Castle In the Air

December 9, 2012

Castle In The Air

While researching different self-promotion systems, I came across this online article:, where I was linked to an artist web site:, belonging to a Karima Kammel.

What initially drew me to the site was a quote of the artist’s on the aforementioned online article: Castle In the Air’s third face is ‘a studio for the imagination,’ which specializes in custom printing and illustration. ‘We do a ton of custom printing, from large all-letterpress weddings to smaller offset jobs,’ Karima explains. ‘I never put my name on anything, not even postcards, but enough people ask who did the work that the word of mouth ends up being pretty huge. Think about wedding invitations: 100 to 300 people receive samples of your work! Once you open the door to custom printing, it is its own advertisement.’

Personally, I dislike the over-branding of products and work, or at least the manner in which people brand their items so non-creatively or unabashedly. As Ms. Kammel says, I think that the best form of advertisement is to produce good work, and have that in combination with word of mouth, do the talking for you. Because I appreciated and empathized with her words, I followed the links to the Castle In the Air website and was really impressed with the charming, picturebook quality art style in the introductory flash/site navigation image. I think that websites are a perfect example of my previous comments regarding more creative ways of self-advertisement; they provide the desired self-promotion and when done correctly provide a unique, cohesive representation of an artist’s offerings all while providing the audience with the opportunity to discover the information that they need to see whether they would like to seek out said artist for work.


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