21 Fonts that Designers use a lot

December 11, 2012


I just fond some benenficial things about fonts that professional designers use. If you want to see how does the fonts look like http://blog.naver.com/dmssla1211?Redirect=Log&logNo=144224656 this is the website of blog. Actually this is Korean blog so the language might be a lot strange but I’m sure everyone can understand. And also there is 100 best commercial Fonts ever made from FONTSHOP, with rank and font name the date designed with designerd by. If you have trouble to choose which font to use it’s good idea to refer to this site.


1. Helvetica   /   2. Frutiger   /   3. Myriad Pro

4. Avenir Std   /   5. Trajan   /   6. Optima Std

7. ITC Franklin Gothic Std   /    8. Futura   /   9. Bickham Script

10. Univers   /   11. Eurostile    /   12. Interstate

13. Trade Gothic    /   14. Gill Sans   /    15. Warnock

16. Kepler    /   17. Bodoni    /   18. Bembo

19. Rockwell   /   20. Meta   /   21. Gotham

From, 21 Most Used Fonts By Professional Designers Fonts instantShift


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