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December 11, 2012

On StumbleUpon, I found this page with 22 pieces of artwork that utilized positive and negative space. Enjoy the artwork and enjoy looking through the site itself. It is a company website that has a large portfolio to look through. This can give us, as designers, an idea of what the competition has as well as showing us what kind of company we may want to work for. Here are some of the pieces of artwork with the positive and negative space.



The link to the 22 artworks:
The link to the site itself:



The World Wildlife Fund is an excellent example of a logo using positive and negative space. With using a panda as its main theme, it uses the natural coloring of the panda itself to create this very clever logo. It simply inserts black image and text into an otherwise white background to create the full image. With the blank space of white of the background, it actually helps create the rest of the image without any extra work on the graphic designer himself.



There are actually many different logos that are purely made up of positive and negative space.  I only realized this while searching for this assignment. I found it so interesting that the use of negative spaces is a big design technique in many well-known companies.  However, I found that a really clever and fun example of this is for the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium.  The logo, at first glance looks like a simple tree with birds surrounding it.  But when you take a closer look, you can see that a gorilla and lion face are depicted through the use of the negative space.  I really like this logo and I think that the ambiguity, but also definition incorporated into the design is what makes it so unique.  A popular artist in Pittsburgh, PA created this logo and happens to not take credit for it,

The logo I choose to use was the USA logo. USA is a television media company, they have have their own channel where they feature various programs, from scripted shows, to talk shows, to basic types of new programming. The reason why this logo is relevant to this assignment is because of the use of negative space between the u and the a. The s is created within the negative space causing the eye to see is as an S. This logo is powerful because it is imaginative, intelligent and gets the message across of the three letters which triggers a response of knowledge in relation to the television network.

Screen shot 2012-12-04 at 3.31.54 PM

Gatorade Logo Space

November 28, 2012

The Gatorade logo to me really stands out and has a good amount of positive and negative space, the fact that the logo isn’t a perfect square or rectangle really catches my eye. It’s corners are free and that makes this different and really nice to look at. The white around the word GATORADE really is good and clear. The logo also isn’t too plain! The orange lightning goes perfect. Gatorade was originally made for the Florida GATORS football team.


Many logos out there have positive and negative space. I chose to do the logo for Adobe because it looks simple and the capitalized letter “A” of the logo stands for Adobe, so it’s easy for people to recognize. The positive and negative space takes the form of a geometric shape to make the letter “A” in the center. A graphic designer named Marva Warnoc designed this logo. She was the wife of one of the company’s founders, John Warnock. Image

Below was the original logo design for Adobe Systems Incorporated in 1982.


Here is the link to their official website. Check out their products.

This is the  American Institute of the Architects Logo Design. Which I think was doing an amazing job in positive and negative space.  The logo is a key ,key, which is the symbol of accessing home ,  which is simple but a very effective as visual communication especially in Architecture.  And the other part of the key is designed as the city landscape witha tall skyscrapers, which i think is the most interesting and amazing part in this logo design. The logo is simple , but it can elaborate the idea behind effectively. I believe ” Simple is the best ” , this logo is totally a success in explaining this idea.  I can say it is really cool and it is one of my favorite logo by far.