Books On Graphic Design

December 10, 2012

Stephen”Eskilson, has written a book on graphic design that oversees the history of graphic design. In particular, the history of typography. What I learned from this book is the particular history that dates back hundreds of years. I found it fascinating that text style could have such an intricate history in of itself.



The book I chose was The End of Print by David Carson. The book is a great representation of what Carson’s work really is.  It demonstrates how Carson ignores the rules when it comes to readability and legibility and instead chooses to make the viewer pay close attention to the details.  He does this in order to make the viewer emerge himself within the composition, which leads to how he goes about composition.  Carson instead plays around with the composition just as a composer does with music creating a sense of melody with his use of type. The reason I found this interesting is because of the way his pieces make one really pay close attention to the details.  As a result this makes the viewer understand the meaning of the detail and its significance.


This is a logo design book published in Hong Kong. There are lot of guidelines and examples for designing a good logo. It includes some logos in different country , which is some cool and interesting logo. Although it is written in Chinese, but most of the contents are in visual form, thus even it is written in foreign language , but it have a good information design that you can read the information and understand it even you don’t know the written words. When I was doing my identity projects, I was so confuse at the beginning , luckily I got this book, it provides different guidelines which help me in build up my concepts and ideas for the project.  I highly recommend this book to the people who doesn’t care about reading foreign letters.


This book is an A-Z on design. It illustrates many parts of design with both an easy to digest explanation as well as a more in-depth analysis. Designers can use this book to brush up on certain techniques and find out things to avoid in their work. They can also use this book to obtain knowledge of technical terms that might be used in the field.

Image Image

Logo Design Workbook

September 18, 2012

This book shows the process of designing a good logo. Many recognizable logos are shown in this book along with the  reason they are designed in such a way that they are memorable and fit the brand they represent. This book helps teach and inspire designers to create logos that work for the company. Image

I decided to read chapter 11 of the book “Graphic Design Solutions” by Robin Landa. In this chapter, the author talks about the importance of advertising, the different types of advertising and what it means to us. Landa states, “Advertising matters…in many countries, advertising is the one common experience that is shared by a large diverse group of people”. I think this is important because we see advertisements all the time in our daily life and we buy what is advertised to us. For example, Apple advertised many posters and commercials on their products that make people buy from their brand. In this case, Graphic Designers are needed to create a visual message.


The Best of Cover Design

September 16, 2012

I took a look at the book entitled, “The Best of Cover Design”. The book showcases 350 examples of what the authors believe to be the best designed covers from various different categories. This example, from the “Catalog” section of the book, uses type size and location to its advantage. This cover was designed by Suzanne Boccalatte of the design firm Boccalatte. She did this cover for the Campbelltown Arts Centre. Apparently their catalog for 2010 was entitled, “EDGE OF ELSEWHERE”. Rather than having the words do all the talking, she lets the placement of the words be just as powerful, if not more so, than the words themselves. She allows the shape and placement of the words be the center of attention as she moves the words clear off the “edge” of the cover. She uses a bold type face that is easy and clear to read. “The Best of Cover Design” has many great examples from catalogs, non-fiction, fiction, magazines, company collateral, and even text-based non fiction covers. It is definitely worth checking out.

Cover designed by Suzanne Boccalatte