December 11, 2012

Here is a link to a TED talk by Marian Banjes, a very distinguished graphic designer whose designs have been used in store windows, books, magazines, labels and more. She talks about her own designs and how she got to where she is today but also some inspirational words for any creative person.

For anyone who doesnt know what TED is, please get on this website and watch some videos. They range from beautiful and inspiring to persuasive and informative. There is a ton of videos for anything you could be interested it and they are all talks given by amazing inspiring hardworking people who have rised to the top of their field or done something amazing with their lives. enjoy!


NFL Logos

December 11, 2012

Here’s a cool look at how I view graphic design, these are sports team logos. They’re very popular and always needed for schools all the way to the pro’s.

Logo evolution is also cool to look at, to see how much things change.






December 11, 2012

This is a very cool website that everyone should check out, it’s all about logos. People who love logos, like logos we see everyday because people view them as beautiful art! There are also different logo design creations.



December 11, 2012



I thought if I want to design something the color is key things to think about. This site is all about color. From popularity of color, the methods of how to use the color, news and articles to interviews. They share the color, palettes and patterns. This website is creative community that users make themselves and they talk about current trends, so you can read colorful writings also. Basically they are classified into wedding, home, fashion, web, print, craft, business. Each menu are composed of pallettes, patterns, colors, shapes, groups, trends, discussions and stores. And even in the menu there are Tool which is  built-in software that can make pattern or pallete. It might be a lot help who wants to know about colors.


I just fond some benenficial things about fonts that professional designers use. If you want to see how does the fonts look like this is the website of blog. Actually this is Korean blog so the language might be a lot strange but I’m sure everyone can understand. And also there is 100 best commercial Fonts ever made from FONTSHOP, with rank and font name the date designed with designerd by. If you have trouble to choose which font to use it’s good idea to refer to this site.


1. Helvetica   /   2. Frutiger   /   3. Myriad Pro

4. Avenir Std   /   5. Trajan   /   6. Optima Std

7. ITC Franklin Gothic Std   /    8. Futura   /   9. Bickham Script

10. Univers   /   11. Eurostile    /   12. Interstate

13. Trade Gothic    /   14. Gill Sans   /    15. Warnock

16. Kepler    /   17. Bodoni    /   18. Bembo

19. Rockwell   /   20. Meta   /   21. Gotham

From, 21 Most Used Fonts By Professional Designers Fonts instantShift

Creativity Insight

December 11, 2012

On StumbleUpon, I found this page with 22 pieces of artwork that utilized positive and negative space. Enjoy the artwork and enjoy looking through the site itself. It is a company website that has a large portfolio to look through. This can give us, as designers, an idea of what the competition has as well as showing us what kind of company we may want to work for. Here are some of the pieces of artwork with the positive and negative space.



The link to the 22 artworks:
The link to the site itself:



December 11, 2012

I came upon this when I was on twitter, and it really has some pretty cool things, including color palettes, patterns, shapes, and colors. There is also a blog to follow and see what is trending. There are several channels: business, craft, fashion, home, print, web, and wedding. There are multiple trends and tools to use and a store to buy certain things that you could use as a designer.
Below are two screen shots of things from the website.
Colour Palettes

Do Work